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Let us make your Venice boat dock more of a lifestyle accessory than simply a home for your boat.

For the most part, here in SW Florida and especially Venice boat docks are built in a similar manner as traditional land based decks. They have the same beams, joists and deckings, as well as weight distribution. There are a few differences, and once you’ve dealt with these, it’s possible to build a boat dock that can complement any requirements and serve functionally for years to come. Before starting the project, it’s important to consider how the dock will be used. Not all docks are used simply for securing a boat. It’s essential to consider all the possible uses and work them into the final design.

Building a Venice Boat Dock? Some considerations to think about!

  • Hoping for furniture or a tiki bar on the dock?  If so, additional square footage may be necessary.
  • Will you fish or swim from the dock? Swimming or jumping off the dock may be best served by cantilevering the end of the dock away from end joists and pilings.  If fishing, it might be practical to add a storage unit or cleaning station. 
  • Is it subject to shade or in full sunlight?  Direct sunlight is best served with light-colored decking materials to avoid burning your feet
  • How deep is the water? Shallow water docks should probably have railings to avoid  injuries from falling off the side of the dock.
  • What is the proper dock height?  Ideally, you want as much of the dock as possible above the water line, because anything submerged will be subject to harsher conditions and weathering patterns. However, you don’t want your dock located too high above the water as this will make it difficult to access your boat. Water levels can fluctuate over time, so keep the highest possible level as your guide.
  • What decking material should you use? 
    • Due to checking, warping and splitting, especially in an environment so exposed to moisture as here in Florida, many contractors have been trending away from traditional wood dock planking. 
    • Alternatives include composite decking, which is often recommended for docks because of its superiority in moisture resistance. Because it is primarily composed of plastic, it heats up in the sun, making it difficult to enjoy when barefoot. It also has a very plastic look and feel to it, so aesthetically, some don’t like its appearance.
    • Another alternative is modified wood decking.  It is based  from a natural softwood and converted to become a highly durable, water-resistant material that doesn’t require staining.  Unlike composite wood, it does not heat up in the sun. And because it’s is actually real wood, it provides the natural wood look, and it far surpasses pressure treated wood in performance and durability, 

Taking all those things into consideration, let us build you that perfect Venice boat dock as you’ve always wanted!