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If you are a boater and live on the water in Cape Haze boat lifts may be more of a necessity than a luxury.

There are many different types of marine lifts for many different types of boats, pontoons, jet skis, PWC’s and other types of watercraft. Instead of sitting your vessel in water until the off season, imagine instead that—with the push of a button or turn of a wheel—you could elevate a boat lift above the water line. Faster access to the water means more time to play! The benefits of storing a vessel out of water are easy to understand—a cleaner, faster and more fuel-efficient hull, plus increased resale value. Those benefits alone can justify the costs of installing a boat lift.  And it just makes sense to significantly protect your investment.

And choosing your boat’s lift doesn’t have to be complicated. But a lot of factors do need to be considered. Everything from your boat’s hull type to the sediment beneath the dock’s waters can determine the working components of a boat lift.  Most of our prospects basically know what they want in terms of their boat lift, but don’t know exactly how to go about getting it completed, especially the permitting procedures.  That’s where Above Board Marine Construction comes in….we can make sure your vision is practical and that it makes sense based on your boat and water access, and then make sure all the steps (including permitting and inspections) are taken to bring it to fruition.  We can collaborate with you to design a lift for safe, sure, confident operation; for correct and safe support of your craft; and to make sure that there is minimum effect to an existing boat dock or mooring environment. We are very proud of our history, our portfolio, and our company, but our greatest pride is the satisfaction that every single one of our customers’ Cape Haze Boat Lift owners have in their boat lifts.  We’re confident that you’ll hear genuine acclaim for our staffs’ professionalism, product knowledge, helpfulness, and promptness. Please check our references thoroughly and we are confident you’ll select Above Board Marine Construction LLC. as your Boat Lift Installer.

Deco is the “preferred” Cape Haze Boat Lift Manufacturer

Our experience has largely led us to Deco Boat Lifts as the brand that is superior for local Florida waters.  Here in Cape Haze Boat Lifts must meed certain criteria for longevity, ease of use, convenience, and minimum maintenance, and we have always found the Deco Boat Lifts are really the best solution for any type of boat lift.

We install three standard lines of Deco Boat Lifts:  The entry level Maxi, the Signature Deco, and the top of the line Concept CRS.  Offering the full range of products allows us to fit the budget and specific needs of virtually any boater.

To visit their website and their different style of Boat Lifts, click HERE.